T’ao Ch’ien: Shadow to Substance and Spirit’s Solution

T’ao Ch’ien: Shadow to Substance and Spirit’s Solution Acceptance and Denial; Two Conflicting Ways of Embracing Mortality             In the poems Shadow to Substance and Spirit’s Solution, author T’ao Ch’ien (365 – 427) explores two distinct views of mortality; acceptance and denial. Each position is apparently in conflict with one another, but both express the … More T’ao Ch’ien: Shadow to Substance and Spirit’s Solution

Jennifer Csengody for Assistant magazine

Friends and former students Brais Vilasó and Xim Ramonell founded the ground-breaking assistant magazine. The publication pays homage to the queens and kings of fashion’s “behind the scenes”; the assistants and right-hands of big names such as Richard Avedon, Linga Fargo, and the late Gianni Versace. For their first issue, I was commissioned to interview … More Jennifer Csengody for Assistant magazine

Hispanic-American Fashion Culture

Marisa Fatás, former staff of the Instituto Cervantes New York cultural department, was very interested in organizing a fashion event in the institution. She believed that opening the ICNY to a new target market would increase the ICNY’s visibility. We exchanged a couple of ideas and decided to meet and talk further about the possibility of doing something together. In our brainstorming meetings, we came … More Hispanic-American Fashion Culture

Hispanic-American Fashion Films Now

As part of the cultural series Hispanic-American Fashion Culture that took place in the Instituto Cervantes New York, I was invited to curate a selection of the best Latin and Hispanic fashion films raging from 2010 to 2014. The countries selected included Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, and Chile. I presented the event in collaboration with Mexican journalist Mayra Garcí­a … More Hispanic-American Fashion Films Now

Cross Pollination: Masterpieces of the Collections

For a short period of time I attended SUNY (State University of New York) before transferring to CUNY. At the time, the Museum at FIT, part of SUNY, was organizing a collaborative workshop involving Atelier Romo from Mexico, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS), and students from New York City. It was funded in part by the FIT … More Cross Pollination: Masterpieces of the Collections

Boinas and Bérets: A Little History

Commissioned article for DIS magazine. Boinas and Bérets: A Little History By Patricia Yagüe The béret is a unique clothing item that represents antagonistic cultures: the war and the arts. French-Basque tennis player Monsieur Jean Borotra, member of “The Four Musketeers” (including Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet, and René Lacoste) would stop in the middle of a … More Boinas and Bérets: A Little History